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Introducing Make:TV

"If you can't open it, you don't own it!” That’s the mantra for readers of MAKE magazine, a wildly popular quarterly magazine celebrating Makers, men and women who take control of technology, tailoring it to fit their individual visions and needs.

Now the success of Make is coming to Public Television: Introducing Make:TV, a new national weekly series.

Make:TV celebrates the creative impulse, and will entertain, surprise, and enlighten millions of viewers as it shows them how to be producers–not just consumers–of technology.

Reaching Millions

Public Television is the original open-source media outlet. It’s available in 99% of homes nationwide, far exceeding the largest cable networks. With this immense reach, Make:TV will inspire a new, previously untapped audience of millions to think, create, and, well… make.

Launching Do-It-Yourself TV for the 21st Century

Public Television has an impressive record of turning specialist pursuits into popular American pastimes. Think The French Chef with Julia Child. Or This Old House with Bob Vila. Both were firsts in their genre and became must-see programming. Make:TV will break the mold once more, and drive the newest do-it-yourself trend of the 21st century.

Stories of Real People

Featuring avid makers from around the country showing off their practical and playful creations, Make:TV is as much a human interest show as a how-to show. Make:TV will enchant viewers with its showcase of modern American ingenuity, celebrating the creative spirit of the people who are inspired to marry technology and imagination in innovative ways.

An Audience of Influentials

Make:TV will be an enthusiastic celebration of individual inspiration, a lively mix of expertise and entertainment. Appealing directly to a core audience of influentials and early adopters, Make:TV will take millions of Public Television viewers to the leading edge of the high-tech DIY trend.


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